Computer Support London

Back Up Your System With Efficient it support

If you are a full computer geek and have loads of know howâs to repair, build and compare computers, then you can consider starting with your own home computer repair business. You can take up the job you like the most. You can earn good money using your ability and can get rid of your 9 to 5 regular job.

1. Get a business license and begin some professional work at home. You can get forms online. Fill them up and send back via mail.

2. Next thing that you will require is an attractive and unique name to make your computer repair business a brand. Avoid using your real name. Choose such a name such that if someone experience error or problem with their PC, they should think of your home computer repair business to get some good help.

3. Get through a research about your competitors online and offline or in your area. Go through their offer rates that they charge. This will assist you to set up your own price list or hourly fee. While you start with your business start with low end charges spectrum. With growth in business, you can increase the charges keeping in mind that it must not cost your regular customers or you will lose your regular customers.

4. Price factors per hour should different in different situations. Some client might bring their PCs to your computer repair office while others may ask you to visit their homes to get their system fixed. You can keep your travel expenses low by using a public transport. You can charge that customer with extra charges for the gas used up to visit his place. If you are carrying a heavy computer parts box, then bus or train may not be convenient.

5. The hardest part of home business is to add customers from the market to your business. You can get business cards and distribute them among your friends and family. Make them aware of your new computer repair business and wait if they are aware of anyone who is experiencing problems with their PC.

6. You can get and place flyers around your locality and town and give advertisements in local papers. You can advertise your business on the internet using online classifieds. A home IT support London business is required to be advertised in your city preferably so that more customers know of your business.