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Like nay others if you are a Computer or an IT professional searching for simple computer repair jobs, than you must be definitely speculating where you should start from?

Someone who is searching for a job into IT simple computer repair work have a lot of options and numerous opportunities in the computing industry. Probably you must be wondering that should you first get training first and afterwards look for an occupation or should you go the other way round. What I recommend you is to take up both simultaneously. To get you through this problem, I recommend you the following four tips that can help you find what you need, a good simple computer repair job, while you update your computer skills.

1. Learn more on client recruitment and balance training. To get a good simple computer repair job, you must be aware of client recruitment process and IT skill development simultaneously.
2. To get help for your training find a reseller or partner program.
3. Search for available training and programs. To be a computer repair specialist you should be familiar with different Oss and certain common software programs as well that you will face in your business.
4. Do not involve yourself in many certification programs.

Besides this you must take care of the warnings and tips listed here. Go through them carefully:
1. Train yourself and get a simple job somewhere or recruit some clients because you cannot definitely train yourself for 6 months without paying the bills. Give some of your time to get formal classroom training such as two days each month or two weeks each year. You can set up your own small computer lab to test and train with entry level and basic server hardware. If you plan it the right way it will prove you a cost effective regular training.
2. Search reseller or partner that can help you in your training. They can provide you with hardware and software to use at a discounted price that will help you to come up with your IT skills that will be required to get a IT support London job. Getting a formal partner training facility will be beneficial. You can get some amount of software as a part of the program to use it internally. This will help you to remain up-to-date and gather sharp skills.

You can also go through the recommendations of IT professionals you know. They may provide you with helpful and better advices.