Basics of IT  London

Small business it support London may involve solving the problems that arises due to any one component either software or hardware. Most of the issues like crashing of the system, slowing down of the system will make you helpless. Crashing of the system affects the hard drive or permanent memory of the system while slowing down is due to operations of Central Processing Unit. Other issues like virus attacks and worm attacks are more related to the application side. A computer is thus a mix of software and hardware where each is interconnected to the other .System software operations makes the system work which control and coordinates the operating system activities, while application software helps to run several applications like Ms Word, Ms Excel, Windows Media Player, Real Player etc and databases like Ms Access, SQL server, DB2 server etc

Computer repair can be applied to both hardware and software components. Where repair work of keyboard keys(replacing one of the missed key),or cables or mouse or addition or deletion of memory in the slots all belong to hardware repairing, installing antivirus to prevent virus attacks in software or installing new software to assist another application software all can be called application side repair.

Computer repair may also involve work in computer networks area like network connection corrections, providing authorization for new or existing user, authenticating the user etc.

For all issues of computer you can call a computer technician. A computer repair technician need not be an expert in computers however he can be a person who is specialized in data administration, recovery and information systems, who are playing good role in Information technology department in organizations. Technician work may involve setting a minor thing to replacing complete hardware or operating system. His works may range from developing or configuring hardware, deploying packages of software as well as maintaining computer network connections London technicians will work with repairing of hardware peripherals for laptops as well as desktops like mouse, keyboards, scanners which is used for input of data and speakers, printers etc which gives output of information. The repair work may also involve dealing or repairing or changing external hard drives. System administrative repair works involve repairing with network switches, routers, fiber optics, networks of wireless technologies.

Technicians in the software part include dealing users data and settings, changing preferences according to user, installing software, uninstalling, restoring which is addressing an issue of software installed, deploying antivirus to protect other software etc

Some of the technicians will be self employed providing service on call while some may be working in an organization as system administrator or information systems technicians.